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About us

The story behind GNL Wind Service goes back to 2013, where our company started out as a small service company with 1 guy behind the wheel. Since then, things has gone fast.

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Who we are

and Quality


GNL Wind Service today consists of a strong team with extended experience within electrical installations, mechanics and hydraulic components from wind turbines.

At GNL Wind Service we strive to run an honest, quality- & environmental conscious business, with common sense as a bearing element.

At GNL Wind Service we believe it makes sense to keep wind turbines running for as many years as possible. We therefore strive to keep service costs over the years as low, as possible, so that it keeps being a good investment for the customer os well. For us, this is common sense.


We guarantee

Fast emergency response

We strive for a fast response to our customers' turbines, in case of emergencies. We cover the most of Jutland within 1 hour and the most of Denmark within a 2,5 hours.

Honesty & Power of Action

Our customers are met with honesty and a dedicated team of competent technicians, that perform each task, so that quality and service meet the expectations of our client. We here consult as objectively as possible in regard to spare part replacements.

High standards

We guarantee a high standard and comply with all required safety and quality standards. Amon others we are certified ISO 9001.

We respect the environment

We highly respect the environment in the way we work on site, as well at our own workshop. We use resources and raw material most efficiently and re-use waste material where it is possible.

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Gert Nygaard Laursen

Gert Laursen


+45 23 26 99 90


Flemming W. Jensen

Technical Planner

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Helle Laursen


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