EcoSwing Drivetrain Test Case


Background: With extended experience in performing service and troubleshooting wind turbines, GNL Service in 2016 entered an agreement with Envision’s local subsidiary in Denmark, for ongoing service and operation of their 3.4 and 3.6 MW test turbines in Østerild and Thyborøn. Both turbines (which today have been decommissioned again), were test turbines designed for offshore […]

Vestas V47 Controller Retrofit

BACKGROUND GNL Service A/S has since their establishment in 2013 focused on delivering an extra service for their customers combined with an ambition towards developing new solutions to improve service and operation of Wind Turbines. With great experience and knowledge in Vestas Turbines, it was a natural choice for GNL Service in 2015 to initiate […]

Tvind Wind Turbine

Tvind turbine

BACKGROUND The Tvind wind turbine is among one of the most well-known turbines in the world, but also a piece of Danish history within the wind industry. The construction of the 54 meter tall turbine began in 1975 and was ready to produce electricity in 1978. It was built by teachers and students from the […]