Project Solutions

At GNL Wind Service we have extended technical experience in solving large and complex projects, that require specialized know-how.

We solve complex project solutions

At GNL Wind Service we have experience with working on large test turbines that includes installation of new technology as well as replacing main components on MW turbines both on- & offshore.  


1. Planning

To avoid any incidents the project is planned thoroughly by our team, either directly or in collaboration with the customer’s own engineers. We hereby follow any expected quality and safety standards and ensure that the project is solved after the customer’s required specifications. 

2. Preparation

We take our time with preparing the site with the right equipment, to ensure a high quality and safety standard, down to the smallest details. 

3. Execution

When the sight is prepared we swift and effectively can perform the job, so that you may gain from your turbines as soon as possible.

We guarantee

High standards

We guarantee a high standard and work according to all required quality and safety standards. At GNL Service we are certified within ISO 9001.

Honesty & Power of Action

Our customers are met with honesty by our dedicated and skilled staff, that perform each job thoroughly so that quality and service comply with our customers expectations.

Protection of the environment

We highly prioritize the environment through the way we act towards our customers, as well as internally at GNL Service. We use resources and raw material in the best way possible, as well as waste manage and re-use components that are still functional.

Our references