Optimize your older Vestas turbines with a new controller, that extends the lifetime and hereby the turnover throughout its lifetime.

Extended lifetime of your older wind turbines

Did you know, that it makes sense to keep your older turbines running? At GNL Service we here offer a unique solution in collaboration with DEIF A/S towards retrofitting of older Vestas V4x turbine models. A solution that gives you the opportunity to achieve even more from your turbine investment.

The solution contains a DEIF AWC 500 Controller, which is programmet and approved to run your Vestas turbine without an RCC component. Designed to to life-extend your turbines and combined give you an increased turnover from increased production and fewer repairs. 

Extended lifetime

Extended lifetime of your wind turbines, that enables a lifetime of up to 40 years.

Less repairs

With a DEIF controller, your Vestas turbines can run without the VRCC.

Increased production

With a combination of extended lifetime and less reparation, you will combined extend your turbines production, throughout its lifetime.

We guarantee

High standards

We guarantee a high standard and work according to all required quality & safety standards. Among others, we are certified ISO 9001.

Honesty & Power of Action

All our customers are met with honesty by our dedicated and competent staff members, who perform each task, so that quality and service live up to our customers expectations.

Protection of the environment

We highly prioritize the environment through the way we act towards our customers, as well as internally at GNL Service. We use resources and raw material in the best way possible, as well as waste manage and re-use components that are still functional.

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