Spare parts & Repair

We have a large stock of spare parts and are able to move out upon a quick notice.

Let's get your turbines running as soon as possible.

We are certified to repair most turbine models and as well have a large stock of components & spare parts.

View our detailed turbine list here below, under each developer:

Danwin 27 – 225kW

Danwin 27 – 225kW

DWP D150/D175 – 150kW

Envision SC-2 EN120 – 3.000kW

Envision E128-3.6MW – 3.600kW

Haliade 150-6 – 6000kW

KVA 6-10 – 6-10kW

M450 – 250kW

M530 – 250kW

M570 – 200kW

M600 – 250kW

M700 – 225kW

NTK 99-200 – 99kW

NTK 22 – 22kW

NTK 150 – 150kW

NTK 300 – 300kW

NTK 500 – 500kW

N50 – kW800

Siemens/Bonus 150/30 – 150kW

V17 – 75kW

V19 – 90kW

V20 – 100kW

V25 – 200kW

V27 – 225kW

V29 – 225kW

V39 – 500kW

V39 – 600kW


V42 – 600kW   

V44 – 600kW

V47 – 600kW

V47 – 660kW

V52 – 850kW

V66 – 1.650kW

V66 – 1.750kW

v80 – 2.000kW

v90 – 3.000kW


Wincon W200/26 – 200kW

W2700 – 150kW

W2700 – 170kW

W2920 – 250kW

W3700 – 550kW

W4200 – 600kW

W4800 – 750kW

We guarantee

High standards

We guarantee a high standard on all our components and work according to all required safety & quality standards. Among others we are certified within ISO 9001.

Honesty & Power of Action

Our customers are met with honesty by our dedicated and skilled staff, that perform each job thoroughly so that quality and service comply with our customers expectations.

Protection of the environment

We consider the environment throughout all our work, both towards our customer and internally at GNL Service. We fully use resources and raw material, and re-use components that are still fully functional in case of replacements, etc.

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